Kalari Mura

“From the soil to the soul”

Founded in 2013 in Berlin, Germany by senior Kalarippayat teacher: Alexander Kutschera. The word “kalari” means “space” and “mura” the “way” in Malayalam and Tamil. Kalarimura refers to the spiritual Way of the Warrior where the key ingredients are: Martial Art, Yoga and Ayurveda.
Kalarimura provides extraordinary experiences and practices, helping people find a deeper kind of stillness, balance and clarity in modern life. What we do is unique, combining individual and group practices, together with a healthy dose of challenge, creativity, care and personal attention. Through an honest and dedicated practice we are crafting the Self.
It is powerful antidote to the speed of our times, Kalarimura programmes and trainings help many kinds of people make a real difference in their lives.


The fundamental areas of practice concern:

  • The development of the mental courage. Moving towards the “impossible”, facing oneself, nourishing youth and vigor in one’s life.
  • Provoking creativity through visualisations, partner practice, weapon crafting and explorative time in nature.
  •  Coordination and Rythm in the body and mind. Which leads to One-pointed focused concentration.
  • Strength, flexibility, increase of internal energy, and improvement in the ability to deal with stress.
  • The importance of proper alignment, body mechanics and healing processes.

Alexander Kutschera

Alexander has held a passion for martial arts and their respective philosophies ever since was a young boy. He practiced various Asian martial arts before finding Yoga in 1999. He took his first trip to India in 2008. Curious about local traditions, he eventually got introduced to Kalarippayat at the Kerala Kalarippayat Academy. He ended up staying for 2 years, studying the art under Gurukkal C.M. Sherif.
In 2011 Alexander returned as Senior Instructor of the KKA. Alex is known for his athletic ability and for paying close attention to the anatomy of movement as well as his ambition to unlock the individual potential of every student. For him, Kalarippayat is a blueprint for martial arts and movement, applicable for everyone ready to dive deep.

Malwina Ostrowska

Hatha Vinyasa Teacher working with Synergy method. For the last few years she has been running yoga retreats, festivals (Agni Spirit Festival), yoga intensives, 200hrs TTC and urban well-being events. Malwina believes that to teach yoga is to extend physical empathy beyond one’s own body her main interest is to help students practice yoga in healing way. Her teaching style helps people live better through yoga. She connects the poses to individual needs of ones body in a practical and poetic way which empowers students to appreciate the present and develop an autonomous practice.
Learning continues to be very important to her that is why now she is very interested in Kalaripayattu. She sees it as a natural progression for her personal journey. It embodies all the elements/ teachings of a fulfilling lifetime practice.